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  • Feeling so incredibly clear about your pricing, quoting and consultation system.

  • You're making big profit and actually paying yourself too!

  • Your pricing sets the standard for high quality clients

  • Your consultation system does a lot of the work for you

  • You can now spend more time with the flowers and less time on the computer

  • Quoting is quick, easy and effortless

This is where you might be going wrong in your consultations...

You don't have an actual system

You're letting the customer control the designs and conversation

You're guessing pricing and scared to talk about money

You're spending hours on quotes and extensive proposals

You're trying to squish massive wish-lists into tiny budgets

That used to be me - until I learnt a more effective way of doing things 


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Learn my whole process from pricing to quoting and the whole entire consultation process!

An online course designed for wedding florists who want to step up their game and take their business to the next level.

Whether it's day 1 or day 1,001 - an effective consultation system and pricing structure is key to a successful business.

This is perfect for you if:

You're a wedding or event florist

You're looking to implement or improve effective systems

You're not sure what to include in each step of the consultation

You have no idea how to price designs

You'd love to learn how flower recipes work

You're a bit lost when it comes to how much to order

Here's how it works:

  • access to all five modules

  • all online

  • available to any country (specific pricing will vary but same principles apply)

  • discount code for one x 1:1 session

  • all the magic knowledge!

Payment plans available!

Investing in your business is the best thing you could do to set yourself up for success

All payments must be paid in full before accessing any course content.

  • 2 x monthly payments

  • access to the content from 31.08.22

  • 3 x monthly payments

  • access to the content from 30.09.22

  • 4 x monthly payments

  • access to the content from 31.10.22


The course includes video recordings, demo's and downloadable PDF's to accompany your learnings. 

We have a look at Google sheets, Google docs and Dubsado. Please note: you do not need Dubsado. All principles can be applied in a more manual respect.

Module 1/


Teaching you the standard formula florists use in the industry. This is CRUCIAL to making profit in your business so you can grow. *This may vary across locations*

Module 3/


Discover my exact process for creating a quote quickly and accurately. See different examples of layouts and how to set up your quote to encourage clients to book

Module 5/


Three records I use to stay on track: CRM, FRT, ENQ. Common email replies as well as real life scenarios with brides from past experience.

Module 2/


Learn how to create a flower recipe from scratch in reference to a quote. As well as creating a flower recipe from an inspo image. Learn how to create a flower order from this data.

Module 4/


See my whole entire consultation from start to finish. Teaching you what to include in every section from the enquiry to the wedding day and all of the communication in between.

Imagine if you don't invest in your business..

You're still spending hours on quotes

You keep getting ghosted

You're still confused about pricing

You're stuck in your 9-5 job you hate

You can't scale your business because you're making $0 profit

You feel so much self-doubt 

You're comparing yourself to others wondering why you're not landing dream brides



I'm new in business. Will this be beneficial?

Not beneficial... crucial!

Setting up the back-end of your business with effective systems and templates is important to getting clients booked and making profit. Without making strong profit, you're simply playing with an expensive hobby


How does it work?

Once purchased you will create a login to your library. There are 5 modules with lessons in each. Recorded demo's and lessons as well as PDF downloads for each. Work through the modules at your own pace. I suggest re-visting the course a few times to make sure you fully understand the learnings.


I'm from another country. Is it applicable to me?


This isn't about specific pricing in Australia. I'm teaching you HOW to price, and set up your systems. This can be applied to any country. (The specific pricing may vary in terms of currency and a slight variation in markup)


What does it cover?

The course covers: the industry standard pricing formula, flower recipes and stem counts, flower ordering, quoting, my whole entire consultation system with each form and template as well as extra tools I use within my business to create strong profit and stay on track. All the things you need to know to set up an effective back-end.

It's time to make a change..

I've been where you are - spending hours trying to form a quote, no real consultation system and 0 confidence in pricing your designs. All to have the enquiry ghost or decline you. 


But it doesn't need to be. 

I turned all of my energy towards learning about this business stuff so i could get more dreamy bookings, spend less time on the computer and go full-time in the business. That's exactly what I did! 

Now I'm ready to share all of my learnings with you so we can fast-track your growth and have you fully booked with dreamy clients in no time.

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