Bowral Wedding

Why do you pay wedding florists?

Labour Costs

Why do you pay florists labour?


Consultations, emails, quotes, contracts, invoices, mood boards, research, final run-through's, ordering, spreadsheets, stem counts


Drive to Sydney at 3am, choose the best blooms, pick-up orders, pack car, drive home


Unpack the car, unwrap all plastic and cardboard, undo rubber bands and twine, strip, peel, trim, scold, bash. Place in fresh buckets of water in a cool space


Creating the actual arrangements. Keeping them alive, ensuring the product looks fresh and is visually appealing as well as meeting the brief. Storing safely. Keeping cool

Wedding day

Pack the car, deliver personals, drive to venue, unpack car, on-site setup and creating the features, staff & freelancers, keeping area clean and tidy, sticking to schedule

Bump Out

Midnight or early Sunday morning, drive to venue, pack down all flowers and hire items, ensure space is clean and tidy, drive home, unpack car