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I want you as my wedding florist! How do I book?

Click here to head to the page 'get a quote' and fill out our application.


Please click here for more information on the booking process.


How much will it cost?

Every wedding is different and therefore there is no 'one size fits all' in terms of pricing. However, we've written a little guide on different price ranges commonly used for wedding flowers. Click here to view the guide.


I'm so confused about pricing. Can you help?

Absolutely! That's what we're here for. Click here to read more on pricing. 

Here's a blog post on further examples

Download the PDF 'Your Dream Wedding Guide'. 

Otherwise, please get in touch via email: - we're here to help!


What do you offer?

Click here for information on what we offer. Otherwise, please download the PDF 'Your Dream Wedding Guide'


Where can I find you?

We are on Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok and Facebook. Keep up-to-date everywhere @floralsandfika


What actually happens on wedding day?


Where are you located?

We are a wedding florist business in the Southern Highlands, Bowral. We also travel to the South Coast.


What's your design style?

We love the whimsical, graceful, airy fairy kind of designs. Overflowing abundance and creating statements. We always advise choosing the larger statement pieces rather than a heap of small items.


Can we choose which flower variety we want?

As we're working with mother nature, season and market availability and COVID, we never promise our clients specific flowers! We work towards a vibe and colour palette instead. Also keep in mind - we're the designers! Let us nerd out on choosing your flowers.