GROW - 1:1 mentoring session

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Flower Business Education

GROW - 1:1 mentoring session

You have 1,000 questions and you're super keen to grow your business but you're not sure who to ask without getting all the judgement.

Sound familiar? 

I created GROW to be an encouraging, welcoming and inspiring session. A safe space where you can find the answers you're so desperately looking for - minus the judgement!

I used to DREAM of more...

I'm just like you! 

Flower education

I struggled for so many years trying to figure out all of this business stuff on my own. It was super confusing! I felt like I couldn't ask other florists because let's be honest - this industry can be a little too secretive.

After many failed experiments and reading a LOT of books and listening to a LOT of podcasts - I'm at a place now where i'm super proud of the business I've created and would love to be a positive resource for other florists.

I'm ready to share all of my tips and tricks with you! Minus the judgement. I'm an open book and I'm speaking from my experience in this industry. 

If you're looking for a welcoming environment - you've come to the right place!



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Option 1



A 1:1 zoom call where you'll find clarity in your business and the answers, you're so desperately looking for! We can focus on the areas you're struggling with and implement strategies to help grow your business. 

  • 60 - 90 minute duration

  • 1:1 zoom call

  • Q&A format (you do the asking, i'll do the answering)

  • available to those overseas (must speak fluent English)

Time to step up and GROW this business!

Investment: 288

Option 2



A 1:1 zoom call to find questions to the answers you're struggling to find. This option is a shorter quick-fire capacity for those who want to integrate fast and move the business forward in a new energy. 

  • 30 - 45 minute duration

  • 1:1 zoom call

  • Q&A format (you do the asking, i'll do the answering)

  • available to those overseas (must speak fluent English)

Time to step up and GROW this business!

Investment: 144



Nothings better than sharing ideas with someone in the same boat as you, or has been in the boat and can help you get to shore! 

I appreciate it all so greatly and cannot recommend this enough for anyone who is starting out a business


Lily is such a warm, friendly person who made me feel at ease straight away. I learnt so much in my 1:1 call and i'm implementing these strategies to help me build a better, more sustainable business


I have been struggling so much with the logistics of so many things within starting a new little business.


Lily was so friendly and willing to share her knowledge. I feel like i have saved time and money and a lot of trial and error. 


Absolutely - we can chat about your goals and set you up for a successful business from day one. I recommend you to have already started your business. Most of my clients have had a business for a few months to a few years

I'm a beginner florist. Will this be beneficial?


Consultations and quoting for weddings, pricing and flower recipes, social media, marketing, branding, finding your ideal client, getting more bookings, closing more sales, foam-free and design tips, mindset work, making more money

What are some popular subjects discussed?


GROW is a 1 hour mentoring session via zoom. We will find a time that suits us both (time differences are totally fine!). Before the call i'll ask you to send through a list of questions or subjects you'd like to chat about within the call. It's a casual chat, grab a cup of tea and let's talk business + flowers!

How does it work?


I have online courses, classes + ebooks that dive even deeper into running a successful business. It's likely they will answer a lot of your questions so be sure to check them out and invest in your learning.

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What else is on offer?


having all of your questions answered

feeling empowered to take action and grow your business

having someone understand where you're at

asking a florist anything without any judgement

growing your dream business

What could this call make possible for you?



Coming into the florist industry i didn't feel a sense of community and imposter syndrome was setting is. However after reaching out to Lily, I knew that support was out there. 

Our 1:1 was great! She was able to encourage me through my worries and has become a cheerleader for my success


Finally, a community for florists without the judgement! Lily was absolutely amazing and lovely. The whole process was smooth sailing and any questions or concerns i had, i gained clarity over.

If you haven't booked a 1:1, I highly recommend you do!


Thank you Lily for being the sweetest and giving me so much insight! I took par in GROW because i really wanted to bounce ideas off with a florist that i admire and could learn from.

I wondered what i should do about the floral design requests that may not fit into my aesthetic and i received the most helpful advice

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