Learn all the tools and techniques in how to create foam-free arrangements. From table arrangements to large-scale installations - this guide will give you the confidence to jump head first (or dip your toes) into the world of foam-free.

foam free


floral design

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You're in the right place if this sounds familiar:

  • You may be thinking about starting floristry as a career.

  • You may be a few years in and hungry for more.

  • You may even be 30 years in and wanting to learn new ways.


Wherever you are on your flower journey, I encourage you to open your mind into the world of foam-free floristry.

In an industry that has been taught to use foam for far too long - it's time to try new techniques.


I know it may feel a little daunting at first - but remember when you first used foam? New things always seem a little scary (especially when you don't know what you're doing...)


i'm a florist, just like you

Hey! I'm Lily

I'm a self-taught florist in Australia currently in the crazy world of weddings. My business has been foam-free since day one as I saw the need to protect our beautiful Mother Nature.

Imagine being able to create your DREAM designs and also look after our medium while we do so? I've experimented and tried all different tools and techniques and am so excited to bring you into the world of foam-free magic. I'm talking rambling table-scapes, overflowing ceremony features and large-scale installs from above! 

Once you get the hang of it, you'll be asking why you didn't try earlier! Let's do this. 



foam free 

floral design

Super keen to jump into foam-free floristry but not really sure how? 

Let me show you the way. . . 


in this guide you'll learn:

foam free floral design

Real-life examples and how-to's from my experience in weddings

Tools & mechanics commonly used and where to source them

Logistics, confidence and pushing the boundaries


foam free 

In this 28-page ebook you'll learn the tools and techniques of foam-free floristry. Build your confidence to be able to MASTER large-scale installations with ease.

floral design

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It's so simple - it will blow your mind!

Learn to create designs from compotes to abundant arbours to large-scale ceiling installs. All foam-free!

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The juicy details

foam free floral design

  • 28-page pdf ebook - download online

  • self-paced, 53MB

  • accessible to those in and outside of Australia

  • techniques applicable to all floristry niche's

  • designed for florists, by a florist


my promise to you

one rule

I promise that you will feel more confident in giving foam-free floristry a try. I give you all the tools and techniques you need to get started. The rest? It's up to you.

This is a design industry. Your role as a designer is to be an innovator. To try new things. To experiment. To fail. To learn from these failures and turn them into lessons. 

Are you ready to step up and be the designer you're dreaming of being? Let's go! 

Alright, i've given you my promise. Now i need something from you in return. There is only one rule when it comes to foam-free:

have an open mind

You're setting yourself up for disappointment if you go in expecting it to be way too hard the first time and then you give up without giving it a real shot. That's not the way design works my friend. Have an open mind - see the magic unfold. . .


nothing changes if nothing changes. . .

It's up to you to take charge and take the first step towards a more sustainable future.

Are you ready? Here with you every step of the way...


the bigger picture

In an industry where we literally rely on Mother Nature to guide the way (without her there would be no 'us'). There is a great need to look at the bigger picture and take baby steps towards protecting our environment. Key word: baby steps

  • If it means switching compotes to be foam-free that's a perfect start.

  • If it means doing some of your weddings foam-free that's a perfect start.

  • If it means being aware which bins your rubbish (green, plastic, cardboard) is going in - that's a perfect start.

It's becoming aware of our daily processes and seeing where there is a gap, where we could make a small change for the greater good. 

This doesn't need to happen overnight. As a business owner myself I completely understand the whirlwind of everyday life - especially in the pressure cooker of weddings.

I simply encourage you to take those baby steps and look after our medium, our muse, our earth. 

One small step...

my cheapest offering ever!

foam free floral design


Let's take baby steps and make a massive impact for our industry

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