2021 Wedding Flower Predictions

Here are a few of my predictions about what 2021 will bring to our blooming wedding world.


It's no secret that colour is creeping (or should i say zooming) back into our designs. Don't get me wrong, the traditional cream and olive or blush and burgundy is still super beautiful. However, I myself am seeing more and more colour used in florists designs through my Instagram feed - and i'm LOVING IT. I've gotta say, i'm definitely not a 'bright and bold' florist by any means so it's been really interesting and enjoyable seeing and using colour with my work.

Hint: colour doesn't have to mean bright, obnoxious, loud. You just gotta know how to use it ;-)


As with other industries, ours seems to be (may i say - finally?) making a move towards sustainable floristry choices within our tools, mechanics, product and processes.

I only say 'finally' because it seems obvious, right? We use mother nature in our work. She is our muse. It only makes sense to look after her.

I guess sustainable choices weren't seen as important over the past century or so. I know that using chicken wire for example isn't a new concept. However, it is newly encouraged to be using these different methods in our work - which is so great.


Have you read a HelloMay magazine? If so, you'd know that there aren't many rules when it comes to your wedding. Want to wear a red dress, the maids in white, your cake a donut tower and your ceremony in the woods somewhere? Perfect. You do you. There are NO RULES! Wohooooooooo. Let your creative juices run wild (if you wish to. Otherwise a church wedding in a white dress is also perfect).

With love, always,

Lily, Florals and Fika

& my flower angels



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