5 Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Florist

Updated: Jan 11

  1. Pick a florist whose style you LOVE

Floristry is an art-form. Every florist has a different style. Pick one you love - not a florist who's cheapest and then ask them to fit into a box that isn't their style.

2. Do NOT just pick the cheapest

You get what you pay for! If you're paying maccas prices don't expect 5-star quality. There is an insane amount of time that goes into our service to make your wedding amazing. Value that.

3. Support local

Especially in small areas like the Southern Highlands, it's so important to support a local florist. They work so hard to create relationships with vendors and may not have as many opportunities as the more densely populated areas. they also know the venues better than anyone - super handy!

4. You do you

Don't just pick the most popular or recommended florist. You spend a year or more in communication with your florist - you wanna vibe with them and feel like you've chosen one you really love. You're the bride.

5. You're building a relationship with this person.

You're placing one of the biggest days of your life in their hands. Don't just email saying 'i need a quote'. Don't price shop. Value your florist. Trust your florist. And you'll be astounded at the outcome - I promise.

With love, always,

Lily, Florals and Fika

& my flower angels



Socials: @floralsandfika


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