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Basic Colour Theory - Design Elements and Principles

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

There are SO MANY different ideas on how many/what design elements and principles are used in a creatives' work. It differs depending on which industry you're in.

Since we're in the flower world, and there's no right way to do anything, here are what i (currently) think are the primary design elements & principles used in my work:














The most basic (and crucial) element in design. It's generally the first thing people notice in a creative piece as it's the most obvious. Use of colour is critical to a great design.

There are three primary colours: red, blue, yellow

All other colours stem from blending these colours.

Three secondary: Purple (red + blue), green (yellow + blue), orange (red + yellow)

Mixing primaries and secondaries create tertiary colours

The colour wheel showing primary, secondary and tertiary colours.
The Colour Wheel

Colour creates the overall concept of the design and especially the mood that's being evoked. For example, corporate, wedding and funeral flowers all differ as they are all evoking a different 'mood' or sending a different message.

Colours are split into warm and cool:


Yellow - happy, joyful, light-hearted, friendly, warning

Red - romantic, fierce, strong, angry, passionate, important, power

Orange - enthusiastic, joyful, playful, vitality, vibrance


Blue - serene, trustworthy, confident, inviting, soft

Green - calming, tranquil, stable, natural, prosperous

Purple - luxurious, mysterious, wealth, creativity, elegance

In every single design, a colour palette is used. This is a small number of colours chosen specifically by the designer to demonstrate the desired mood/message.

For weddings, some common palettes include:

  • Green + ivory

  • Green, ivory + blush

  • Blush, burgundy + green

For me, I love being able to step outside my comfort zone and play with uncommon palettes. They create such a different design and make people think. The best way for a designer to create is creative freedom in their work.

To any brides planning your wedding, i suggest asking your designers what they think for the colour palette, or better yet leave it up to them.

Putting full trust in the professional to do what they do best.

It makes for a spectacular outcome to see a different use of colour and really creates a wow factor for the guests (and yourself!)

To any designers, i dare you to jump outside of your comfort zone and use a different palette for one of your designs.

Even if it's just you experimenting, it will open your eyes to colour theory and turn the game on it's head.

Especially if you're lacking inspiration, maybe changing up your designs will reignite your passion!

If you play with colour or have any questions please shoot me a message!

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