Bloom basics: how to care for your flowers

Updated: May 18, 2020

Want to get the most out of your beautiful blooms? Follow my tips to increasing the life-span of your flowers

1. Clean stems

Any foliage left on the stem below the water line of each flower should be removed before popping them into a vase. The foliage holds bacteria which makes the water dirty. Dirty water = unhappy flowers.

2. Clean, fresh water

Following on from the above tip, the cleaner the water the happier the flowers. They are living things which means they need to drink water. Dirty water means more bacteria and bad nasties that make it hard for your flowers to survive. To ensure it's kept clean, refresh the water every 24-48hrs.

3. A clean vase

Fresh water and clean stems are no good if the vase is full of bacteria and green icky stuff to begin with! Make sure your vases are clean, giving them a good scrub each time you use them. It also means that in a clear vase you won't SEE any nasties if it's kept clean; making for a beautiful display.

4. Keep heat in mind

Flowers die quicker in the heat. Not only weather (sun) heat but be mindful of air conditioners/heaters or placing them up high. The cooler they are the longer they'll last.

5. Keep nature in mind

Although it may not initially look as beautiful as an opened flower i.e an open poppy as opposed to a closed bud, buying/creating your flowers when they aren't opened means you get to enjoy longer lasting flowers as they begin to open and look magnificent. Also buying from a great, fresh wholesaler or florist is super important. However do keep in mind that at the end of the day, we are in the hands of mother nature. Everything dies eventually.

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Flower care tips

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