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How To (and how not to) Approach Your Wedding Florist

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

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Here's one of my best tips for when you're organising your wedding flowers:

Don't ask your florist for certain TYPES of flowers!

We always work with what's in season; and with market availability, the 2020/21 crazy world and wholesale pricing - we never promise a certain type of flower.

Instead, we work towards a colour palette and an overall feeling or style you want for your wedding (hot tip: pick a florist who creates your kinda style. Don't ask the Italian chef to cook you Mexican burritos).

In our application, you can note down any flowers you'd like us to steer clear of and you're more than welcome to note down flower types you'd love to have, but don't lock in and confirm a certain type.

Here's an example:

Your vibe: romantic, classic, dreamy

Palette: cream, blush, burgundy

Flowers you'd like to steer clear of: iris

We would then use ingredients that create your romantic cream and blush wedding. For example: roses, orchids, delphinium and whatever else is available at the market (but not iris)

It also means that your wedding will look really cool. There's always some weird and wonderful creature at the market that we weren't expecting would be there and we 'just must have or will die' (florists are crazy), so keeping it flexible and leaving it to us is your best bet at an amazing wedding.

Also, do keep in mind, we are the florist. We are the experts. This is our job, our life, our love, our 24/7. We know what texture will create a certain feeling and what kinds of flowers will last in the heat. We know that a peeled quicksand rose will look super dreamy for your romantic blush wedding.

Trust your florist. If you were to know more than your florist, then why are you hiring them? Chances are, it's because of their expertise, experience and everlasting love for mother nature.

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