My honest review on a recent styled shoot

On the 28.08.20 i was a part of a styled wedding shoot with other creatives.

Honestly? It was a dream. It was so much fun, so rewarding and the outcome was breathtaking.

Madi Jane Photography

The photographer was Madi from Madi Jane Photography and the photos are incredible. Madi knew her stuff, she was hunting for the perfect light and didn't move until she got the shot. Madi took into account both myself as the florist and the makeup artist in trying to get solid shots for both business. Madi made the model feel super comfortable and we just had the best time.

The makeup artist was Jade from Jade Elizabeth Makeup Artistry. OH MY GOODNESS. Madi and i almost died just watching the whole process unfold. Every element and extra layer jade created we were in absolute awe. The outcome was exactly what we were hoping for and the model Lili was looking a dream.

Lili was the model! Although not a 'professional' model and a friend of ours, she did an amazing job. Lili is such a natural and the perfect look for our shoot.

And of coarse, the flowers by Florals and Fika. I created 3 bouquets and to be honest i started with no plan! I knew the kind of vibe i was going for and then just picked some beautiful product from the markets and went from there. Not saying that's the best idea but it's when i'm most creative.

Bouquet 1: all vandella roses. I peeled and fluffed them up and added a silk ribbon

Bouquet 2: a spring inspired little bouquet. It was smaller and tighter than i was thinking but i still loved it. A soft palette and some long, thin, silk ribbons.

Bouquet 1:
Bouquet 2:

Bouquet 3

Bouquet 3: those orchids. My goodness they were dreamy. Soft palette with 2 blush and lilac orchids, some vandella roses, spray roses, lisianthus, stock and wax.

Everything came together so perfectly it really was a dream. The weather, the creatives, the outcome - it was really amazing and such a great experience for my first styled shoot.

I can't wait to organise another one soon! Floral arbours, floating installations, tablescapes oohhhh there's so much fun to be had...

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