How to plan an AMAZING wedding

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

1. Pick some kick-ass souls as your vendors

Don't go for the most trendy or the most expensive or someone your mother-in-law tells you to use. They literally create your day. Put a bunch of crazy creative people in a room - you will be amazed.

2. Try your best to get vendors who know each other and have worked together. Start with one of your faves and ask for recommendations. Far out - do you know how much magic can be made when vendors who love each other work together. WOW.

3. If you pick amazing vendors, your venue (almost) doesn't matter

Ok yeah the venue does matter obviously. What i'm saying is if you focus on good vendors, you'll have an amazing wedding regardless of location! Don't stress if you can't afford the most expensive venue that's the most popular and feel under pressure to go for something big and fabulous. Yes, big and fabulous is great if you can afford it. My point is, if you can't, put your energy and focus on your people, not trying to please trends.

4. Things i PERSONALLY would spend money on

- flowers

- photographer

- food

- music


5. Things i PERSONALLY wouldn't

- the little extra stuff - so many reception spaces are full of little tacky things that no one notices that people stress over because someone tells them they need it or want to follow a trend. Make it simple.

This doesn't mean small or boring or underdone. It means put money into the big wow factors and statement pieces.

- extra guests 'but i feel bad for not inviting them' make sure you can honestly say that you will know these people in 20, 30 years. They are there to celebrate your LIFETIME commitment. Don't stress over (and spend money on) someone who isn't close. Be picky. It doesn't mean you can't be friends with them or that they'll hate you for eternity (if they do, they're dicks anyway and you don't need them at your wedding). If you don't want someone there, don't invite them.

6. It's your wedding - tell everyone else to shut up

Your mother, your sister, your soon to be mother-in-law, your soon to be sister-in-law, your fiance - jokes. He can have a say i guess ;)

A small intimate backyard wedding on a budget is great. A big, fabulous, fancy wedding at the sickest venue in Australia is great. You do you, boo.

7. Be up front about your financial comfort zone

The longer you take to tell your vendors about your price ranges, the harder the planning process will be on both ends. Just be up front. I appreciate that some people feel very strongly about keeping your budget to yourself; but it only means a longer planning process. It means we, as the people creating your wedding, can't give you our best advice because we don't know what we're working with. It all comes back to the #1 trait you need to forgo a relationship with you vendor (well me anyway) - trust.

8. Assign people jobs to help you on the day

You don't have to do it all. I know you want to, but it will take a whole load of pressure off you on the day.

  • Need to move something from the ceremony to reception? ask your aunty Jeni or sister Georgia.

  • Need to organise transport? ask your mum or your mother in law.

  • Need to organise place cards? ask your cousin Aiden.

  • Need to place wedding favours on tables?

  • Need drinks for the bridal party?

  • Need help to pee?

There's people everywhere who WANT to help. They will love the responsibility and you'll love having help. Win. Win

9. Pick what's in season, not just what's trendy.

This goes for flowers. Don't pick peonies in winter and anemones in summer. Seasonal flowers are ST-U-NNING. Dahlias in March, David Austin's in late October, Delphiniums in Winter - my oh my so much goodness.

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