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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Drum roll please....


I know, the word is thrown around in intimate relationships and it might seem either stupid or obvious to you, but hear me out.

Why trust is so important in my relationship with my clients:

You've come to me because you need a wedding/event florist. Therefore you must like my work, right? Otherwise you wouldn't have enquired/booked with me.

If you trust me 100%, it means i can do my best work - without the anxiety and stress of wondering if the client will like what i produce and changing my style 56 times before presenting it to you.

The elimination of trust in our relationship means that both yourself and i will be more likely to experience feelings of anxiety & stress in the whole design process. Which, let me tell you and i'm sure you can agree, neither of us need.

Here's the thing - i produce my BEST work when i'm in a relaxed, positive mood. Period.

You can tell when there's stress going on.

The bouquets get tighter and the flowers get squished together until they can't breathe. The design is all out of whack and there's always something that 'isn't quite right'. It makes the designer (in this case, florist) question every move they make. It makes the arrangement get re-created 152 times because 'somethings just not right', before giving up and needing a 12th cup of tea and 6th brownie to calm the nerves (if you know anything about me, i live for a good brownie).

Am i painting a picture?

No trust = stress, anxiety, second-guessing, overthinking, poor design choices, a frazzled client and florist.

Trust = a strong outcome, a solid design, a happy client and an even happier florist

You come to us because you need help in an area where you lack expertise. Therefore, us as the experts, are here to help! Nice little exchange isn't it?

You need to trust your designer. This goes for all of your vendors for your wedding. Whether it be me or another florist or even someone else in an entirely different trade. No one works well under too much pressure.

We do this because we love it. It's our happy place. We want to share our craft with the world. We want to make everyone and happy and spread the good vibes through flowers. We want to create emotions (good ones) and have a super duper happy client with the outcome after months and months of planning.

For this to happen, all i ask is that you place your TRUST in me to do the work and together, we will create MAGIC.



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