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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

This is something that every couple has to work out when planning a wedding. There is so much to organise and knowing where to put the money and energy can be really tricky to figure out - especially if you've never planned a wedding!

Things i personally would spend money on


Flowers literally take a room from a 4 to a 10 in a matter of seconds. I'm not sure if it's that it's natural to us as humans or if it's that #instaworthygoodness but flowers will change the whole vibe. Flowers set the tone for the whole evening - moody, fun, light-hearted, colourful, elegant, formal, classic, boho, chill, garden-party, beachy, loud, subtle, graceful, wild, rustic, country, romantic, thoughtful, mystical, a fairy-land, luxurious, simple. However you'd like your space to feel - let flowers to the talking.


This time will more than likely be the best time of your whole entire life. A photographer is kind of like a visual memory keeper. Photos are a keepsake, not only for you but for your mum, nan, children, people who couldn't make it and of course all of your vendors who have worked so hard will love snaps of their work too. A kick-ass photographer is a MUST.


Think of one time in your life where you get to go all out on food. You get to 'order' exactly what you want and it's the most delicious thing you eat in your entire life. Amazing food usually is a great indication of an amazing venue (if food is provided by your venue). After all the stress and excitement you will absolutely love yourself for going with incredible food. Your guests will thank you for it too


Is there anything more awkward and uncomfortable than crap music? In any situation, music makes all the difference. Similar to flowers, it sets the vibe for the whole night. Whether it be amazing singers, an awesome guitarist, a sick DJ or even a memorable playlist. Good music = a good time. Especially for dancing!


You'll be in your hair and makeup almost all day! You want to look good and feel your absolute best on the day. With all your closest friends and family, this day is yours and it (hopefully) only comes once in a lifetime. You'll also be getting more photos on your wedding day than you will in your life so you want to love those snaps and enjoy looking at them for decades to come.



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