Trends i'm LOVING in the flower industry

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I always enjoy seeing new trends come to life and am often amazed at the innovation in creativity of this industry.

There are a few that are to die for and i am totally head over heels, writing in my 'dear diary' - in love with. Let's talk about a few!

1. Colour blocking

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I don't actually know if that's what you call it. There's probably some technical term but colour blocking sounds good. This seems to be a recent trend that i've noticed, especially for wedding arbours. Colour blocking is like using chunks of one colour, and then the next. Rather than each colour blending and being used across the whole arrangement as either contrasting or complementing to one another.

I think this has a really interesting effect and definitely grabs your attention! It's also a great way to explore colour (as a florist but also as a viewer) and maybe push outside your comfort zone by finding new and innovative designs that use tone and hue. It creates a motion in the design, a line for your eye to follow.

2. Dried flower installations

(left) Pinterest sixfourco

(right) Pinterest ourfoodstory

This one i am obsessed with. In some sort of space whether it be a shop, office, home, entrance. Or for an event or wedding. These installations are spectacular and bring so much elegance and a calming quality to the space. I can't wait to create one!

The dried aspect means it will be long-lasting, which is great for every situation and also means if it's for a wedding, it can be kept or turned into something the bride can keep forever. Dried flowers also have this amazing texture that fresh flowers just don't. They create a real emotion and convey a message in a really unique and beautiful way

They are usually made with chicken wire, fishing line, cable ties etc - a florist is handy with her/his tools to create this magic.

3. Dried flower wreaths

This one came into huge importance to me around Christmas 2019. I'd just started the business and jumped into Christmas wreath making. December in Australia is HOT. Especially this one. So real flowers wouldn't make it to Christmas (let alone midday).

I created real, dried, everlasting, untraditional Christmas wreaths that would last well beyond Christmas. All with real flowers that I mostly dried myself! It was a great experiment to test what would and wouldn't dry, and they were a huge hit at the farmers markets in the Southern Highlands from November right up until Christmas. Every design was unique with different product and ribbons. It was a really enjoyable design process.

4. Minimal foliage bridal bouquet

(right & left) Pinterest 100layercake

(bottom) Pinterest totheaisleaustralia

This style is SO beautiful and elegant, i just love it. The trend not too long ago was more steered towards the bridal bouquet using lots of foliage and being quite 'rustic' and 'unstructured'. Although still unstructured (compared to old school traditional bouquets), the new designs that are coming through are more so just flowers - and minimal at that. Florists seem to be playing with shape and colour a lot more, rather than focusing on product or structure.

This makes for some super beautiful designs that are created using shape and more importantly space. Experimenting with depth and length; as well as colour and texture.

5. Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons

(top left) Pinterest urbanflorava

(right) Pinterest heyweddinglady

(left) Pinterest

Oh my goodness. Every time I see a photo on Instagram with bunches of long, flowing, whimsical ribbons attached to a bouquet my heart just melts. It is just stunning. It's an extra element added to the design that either complements or contrasts with the flowers. An element which brings it all together and finishes it off beautifully.

All different colours and textures are coming out with primary use of silk. It makes for a beautiful design and adds to the already whimsical nature of the bouquet (point 4).

So there you have it. My 5 absolute favourite trends that are happening in the flower design world. I can't wait to implement these processes into my designs to experiment and push the boundaries of creativity. If you love any of these trends let me know!

I wonder what trends will start emerging in the coming months....

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