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Are you stuck on what kind of aesthetic to have for your wedding? We're here to help. We understand that wedding planning can be really overwhelming. It's especially hard if you haven't had any experience in the design world. That's where we come into play.

Below are some examples to help you decide:


Palette: green & white

Flower example: roses

Outfit: black tux, shiny shoes, elegant dress


PALETTE: blush, burgundy & cream. Flower example: orchids, roses

Outfit: whimsical dress, navy suit


Palette: sage, honey, citrus, lilac, berry, blush,

Flower example: delphinium, garden roses, dahlias

Outfit: relaxed, lighter in colour


Palette: neutral, cream, blush

Flower example: palms

Outfit: light suit, flowey dress


Palette: terracotta, peach, butter

Flower example: textural, dahlias

Outfit: mix match bridesmaids


Palette: cream, baby blue, navy, hunter

Flower example: anemone

Outfit: navy blue, sleeve dress

Or mix and match or make up your own! If you’re stuck - ask your florist for some guidance.

As always, if you need guidance planning your Southern Highlands wedding, please email the team: florals.fika@outlook.com