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What Does a Wedding Florist Do?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Wedding Florist Bowral
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Wanna know what our job ACTUALLY entails? THE TIMELINE

1-3 DAYS (spread across months if not years)

organisation - consulting, enquiries, emails, quotes, contracts, invoices, mood boards, spreadsheets, ordering, final run-throughs

1-2 DAYS

3:30AM - head to the Sydney flower markets to collect your beautiful blooms

roam the huge warehouse of wholesalers to pick the best blooms for you (+ pick up any orders)

move huge heavy loads of flowers into the tetris packed car, drive home & process

processing = getting the flowers prepped for us to create with. Includes trimming ends, scolding, bashing, stripping & reflexing stems. Also making sure they’re in fresh water & the huge amount of rubbish removed (packaging)

1-3 DAYS

we then create some arrangements off-site (e.g some table arrgt’s, bouquets, buttonholes etc).


packing the car, deliver bouquets & buttonholes to bride & groom. head to the venue and create arrangements on-site (e.g arbour, fireplace, ceiling etc).

moving heavy buckets and items around the venue, working with time restrictions - pressure. ensuring the space is clean & tidy (take some snaps for the gram)

bump-out. return to the venue midnight or the next day to pack down all items and ensure space is clean and tidy


unpacking and cleaning car, scrubbing buckets, cleaning vases & candle wax, heading to the tip with rubbish and green waste, cleaning & tidying the studio, posting on social media

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