What the heck does Fika mean?

The amount of people who have asked me this is, well, alot! Let me explain so we're all on the same page...

Fika, pronounced fee-kah is a swedish tradition that means 'coffee with friends'. No, i'm not swedish. But everyone says their way of life is amazing?

Originally, i actually saw this quote on Instagram (lol) that said ' a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life'. Which i just love so much. It's exactly what everyone needs and is exactly what flowers do for us.

When you receive a bunch of flowers, or you walk into a wedding reception or event that's decked out with incredible florals, it's what you do. You stop, you take it in, you take a second away from your hectic day to just appreciate the moment, and life and the good things - flowers, love, compassion, beauty, creativity.

The idea of using Fika in the business name came from the first tea i launched 'WILT'. I thought it was the perfect double meaning behind a business built from love (and tea).

I drink tea every single day, usually multiple times a day and it's the perfect thing to calm the soul and keeps my creativity flowing. My tea line is now under the name of 'Fika' to tie in the 'coffee with friends' meaning.

Also, who doesn't love alliteration?!

Florals and Fika - a blend of flowers, tea and a whole lotta love.

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