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Why does a bridal bouquet cost more than supermarket flowers?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

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Here's one of my best tips for when you're organising your wedding flowers:

'Why are wedding flowers so expensive when supermarket flowers are like $30???'

Wedding flowers are high touch. They take skill and experience and expertise. There are so many steps taken to create a bridal bouquet Vs. the flowers you can get at a supermarket.

Supermarket flowers:

Wholesale flowers

Wrapped in a boring plastic sleeve

Slight markup

Bridal bouquet:

  • designing the look, feel, texture, colour, mood, shape, style

  • creating recipes with ingredient lists of how many stems of what go into it e.g 5 x ohara rose

  • liaising with the wholesaler to make an order

  • driving 1.5hrs to Sydney Flower Markets at 3am

  • picking the freshest blooms, within the budget

  • packing the car

  • driving 1.5hrs home

  • unpacking the car

  • processing the flowers (stripping, trimming scolding, removing rubber bands and plastic)

  • placing in fresh, clean buckets of water

  • hand peeling/blowing open each individual rose

  • babysitting the blooms to make sure they don't die within the 3 days of preparing the flowers

  • creating the bouquet (which if you've ever trued making a bouquet, takes skill, experience and expertise)

  • editing the bouquet the night before/morning of the wedding

  • ensuring the blooms will be at their peak at the 3pm ceremony (e.g. opened perfectly)

  • taping, ribboning and pinning the bouquet

  • trimming the stems and placing the bouquet in a vase, in a box, with white wrapping to protect the blooms

  • packing the car to ensure they don't tip over, break or die

  • driving to deliver to the bride

  • showing her how to hold it and when to take it out of water

this doesn't include the stress of whether she'll even like it, replying to the bride, dealing with the mother of the bride, dealing with mother nature, taking photos, organising the team and the other 500 blooms to work through, eating brekky, peeing and breathing.

Do you still think your bridal bouquet should be $30??!!?

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