The Business of Flowers

Online flower education

Imagine if you...

Your flower business

could create work you love for your dream clients​

had the tools to be able to market your business to get more dream clients

built a smooth consultation process to close more sales

found clarity around quoting and pricing so you could make more money

learnt foam-free techniques to make a positive impact in our industry

found community in this flower industry with support from like-minded (lovely) humans


The Business of Flowers

Teaching florists how to create an incredible, sustainable business


The bundle

The bundle includes:

  • both modules - Flowers Fundamentals + Bride and Bloom

  • a facebook group for support and weekly check-ins

  • demo's in the facebook group

  • able to book in 1:1 session via the package 'GROW'

The program is built to be purchased as this bundle. Each lesson feeds into the next as building blocks to a strong foundation of learning.

The bundle provides support from other florists and myself as well as demo's in the Facebook group.



A single module

  • Purchase either Flower Fundamentals or Bride and Bloom and work through them at your own pace. 

  • A great option for those only wanting a single module

  • although The Business of Flowers is created as a full course with both modules, each individually provides extensive information to help grow your business

  • I'm available on Instagram for any questions you may have along the way and you're welcome to jump on a 1:1 call via my package GROW

*this does not include the Facebook support group or the demonstrations. Purchase a bundle to receive these additional benefits

How the program is delivered

The Business of Flowers

As soon as you purchase you will receive all of the PDF lessons where you can download and save it to your computer. You will then work through them at your own pace. Within the Facebook group I'll have weekly check-ins and be available to answer any questions (as well as getting input from this beautiful community). There are activities at the end of each lesson to further cement the knowledge & skills as well as take ACTION. The facebook group will also have demo's posted to show you some aspects in action. Support and answers are the two things i struggled to find when i jumped into this industry! I hope to create this for you. 

What's inside TBOF?

Module 1: Flower Fundamentals


> design foundations

> colour theory

> your design aesthetic + ideal client

> the bouncy bouquet + 13 guidelines to design


  • learn flower design fundamentals

  • explore colour

  • find & attract your ideal client

  • define your brand and personal design aesthetic

  • conquer social media marketing

  • create an airy bouquet with the 13 guidelines to design

Module 2: Bride & Bloom


> consultations

> pricing and quoting + flower recipe creation

> the big day

* this module includes all of my forms and templates to give you the tools to create your own! 


  • create a smooth consultation process

  • gain more bookings

  • feel confident in your pricing structure

  • create flower recipes

  • learn about foam-free techniques

  • make good profit

  • learn about our scheduling the week of the wedding

If you're purchasing the bundle you will also be invited into a Facebook group where you'll find support from other beautiful florists in the same spot as you!

FAQ - The Business of Flowers


Absolutely! TBOF is perfect for beginners. It's a reflection of everything i've learnt through experience & being self-taught. It will give you a strong foundational understanding (and some things you wouldn't learn at 'flower school'. 

I'm a beginner florist. Will this be beneficial?


Payment plans are not available at this point. Once purchased you won't look back!

Are payment plans available?


At this point we have closed 1:1 sessions to allow room for a super busy wedding season. We're hoping to open this back up over winter

Can i have a 1:1 session?


Definitely. All of the principles learn throughout the modules can be applied to any florists work and business. It's the beauty of design - we get to make the rules and create systems that work for us!

I'm from another country. Will it apply in my work?


Purchasing either of the 'bundles' will grant you access to the Facebook group where you will find demo's and an awesome community of like-minded florists. (Purchasing a single module will not allow for this)

Is the Facebook group & demo's available to everyone?


Once purchased, PDF modules will be available to download. Within the modules are lessons with activities at the end of each lesson. The Facebook group includes demo's and community discussion to further support you.

How is the course delivered?

Why i created this program

The Business of Flowers

I've been right where you are. Searching for answers, asking for help and finding closed doors and secretive florists. Not much help hey?

It's frustrating when you know where you want to be but can't seem to find the way there. I've created this offering to provide you with the answers you're so desperately hunting for. To be here to support you. To build a community of encouraging florists without the secrecy and judgement.


There is space for all of us. Imagine if we helped each other along the way instead of having mental breakdowns because you can't find out how the heck to quote. 

Be a cheerleader - not a critic. 

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*PLEASE NOTE: this course is not in any way accredited. This program is created in reference to my work as a florist and shows you the tools i personally use within my business.

Are you sick of...

wishing you could create work you loved for dreamy clients

working really hard with not much profit to show for it

feeling overwhelmed with the business side of weddings

getting ghosted from brides

not getting as many bookings as you want 

spending too much time of the computer and not enough with flowers

This used to be me! I know how frustrating it is. I know how hard it is to find information and someone who will actually listen. The Business of Flowers is created for people feeling just like you are. You're not alone. It doesn't need to be this hard!

It is possible to create the business you're dreaming of. 

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Nothings better than sharing ideas with someone in the same boat as you, or has been in the boat and can help you get to shore! 

I appreciate it all so greatly and cannot recommend this enough for anyone who is starting out a business


Lily is such a warm, friendly person who made me feel at ease straight away. I learnt so much in my 1:1 call and i;m implementing these strategies to help me build a better, more sustainable business


I have been struggling so much with the logistics of so many things within starting a new little business.


Lily was so friendly and willing to share her knowledge. I feel like i have saved time and money and a lot of trial and error.