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Who We Are

Hello! I'm so pleased our paths have crossed. Florals and Fika is a small business based in the Southern Highlands, NSW. With my beautiful team we're here to create the vision of your dreams. Our focus is creating a space that reflects you both as a couple. We are a studio-based business and do our best to look after our earth. We are so honoured to be in the hands of Mother Nature and can't wait to create a heartwarming space for you to vow to your loved one. 

With love always,

Lily + Team

What We Do

We're on a mission to create the most beautiful space that reflects you and your loved one. We bring your wedding to life with flowers and wish to make this an easy and exciting process.

Wedding Florist Bowral

Design We Adore

Graceful, wild, romantic blooms. Creating dreamy pieces, that are full of love, while celebrating the true beauty that Mother Nature holds. Designing statement pieces that bring energy into the space. Staying grounded and flowing with the seasons, we don't want to complicate flowers. They are literal magic on earth. Our medium. Our muse.

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